With Year-Round Giving, Movember Expands Its Mission to Raise Awareness for Men’s Mental Health

Movember has always dedicated one month (can you guess which?) to raising awareness for men’s heath through a signature facial hairstyle (the moustache, if that wasn’t already clear). But the organization has always been committed to raising awareness for men’s mental health for the other eleven months of the year. After all, fighting suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer is an everyday, year-round mission. With that in mind, Movember is introducing monthly giving to raise awareness for men’s mental health year-round.

Last year, Sharp partnered with Movember to amplify stories of the men’s mental health crisis. We heard from the likes of Tyrone Edwards and The Sheepdogs’ Sam Corbett about their journeys of struggle, acceptance, and recovery. But your friends and families could tell the same stories, too. This new initiative helps Movember to scale up to reach more men save more lives, so we can all do more for the future of men’s health.

To learn more or head to movember.com/givemonthly.