9 Best Men’s Skincare Products: Because It’s A Complex Matter

Poor grooming products just won’t wash anymore — in any well-scrubbed sense of the phrase. But, while the modern market offers plenty of top-shelf salves and serums, many men are put off by these products’ tongue-twisting and overly technical names. The moment we’re confronted with an “emulsion” or “eye concentrate,” it can be tempting to buy a simple, all-in-one shower wash and call it an effortless — if unrefined — day. But that’s a shame, because there’s never been a better time to take the plunge into the weird and wonderful world of modern men’s skincare.

Happily, SHARP is on (heavily moisturized) hand to help out. And, as we believe that there shouldn’t be anything complex about achieving a good complexion, we’ve rounded up nine of the finest new innovations in men’s skincare and grooming — from Lab Series’ caffeine-infused “Water Lotion,” to Orveda’s “Bio-Tech Emulsion.” Throw in some handy hardware (a male-specific mask from Omnilux offers red light therapy at home, while Gillette’s new razor is fitted with an “exfoliation bar” to streamline your morning shave) and you’ll have a state-of-the-art bathroom set-up — and one that’ll only work you up into the right kind of lather.

Exfoliating Bar Razor by Gillette

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Recommended Use: As desired

Recommended Skin Type: All

Price: $45

The Gillette Exfoliating Bar Razor is a master of multitasking. An exfoliating bar precedes the blade, clearing dirt and debris to cleanse the skin before shaving. Just beneath the blade, a flexible disc adapts to any facial contour. For a customized morning shave, this razor can’t be beat.

Post-Shave Soother by Clinique for Men

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Recommended Use: After each shave

Recommended Skin Type: Dry Combination, Oily Combination

Price: $38

Nice as it is, clean skin typically comes with a raw tingle that ranges from slightly-dry to sandpaper-scratchy — that’s where a soothing post-shave cream comes in clutch. This grey Clinique bottle is bursting with trusty ingredients like aloe juice and witch hazel — plus an exotic splash of marshmallow root extract — to combat dry skin. The soothing cream leaves a cool, refreshing feel in its wake.

Water Lotion by Lab Series

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Recommended Use: Twice daily (moisturizer) or after each shave (after-shave lotion)

Recommended Skin Type: All

Price: $50

As you’ll soon find out, the skincare aisle is overflowing with options for a daily moisturizer. If you’re looking for a lightweight fix, the Daily Rescue Water Lotion is as good as it gets. The contents are closer to liquid than cream, with a 4% Niacinamide + Resveratrol solution to rejuvenate sun-damaged cells. Hydration is easy: use it as an after-shave balm in the morning, or as a twice-daily boost after morning and night cleanses.

Solo Hydrating Defence by Skinbetter

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Recommended Use: Daily

Recommended Skin Type: Dry, Combination

Price: $230

It’s called ‘Solo’ for a reason: this hydrating mix works as a daily moisturizer and takes care of post-shave dryness. Spread the gel-cream over clean, freshly-shaven skin to smooth over pores and rough textures. For those looking to keep a neat and simple regime, it’s an ideal find.

Express Mat Cream-Serum by IDC Dermo

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Recommended Use: Daily, after cleanser

Recommended Skin Type: Combination, Oily

Price: $67

A brew of lilac and marine extracts corrects blemishes and glosses over pores without leaving them clogged. This lightweight moisturizer combats aging with a vegan, hypo-allergenic recipe that’s ideal for acne-prone skin. Use it after your morning and nighttime cleanses; the results will speak for themselves.

Moisturizer-Serum Hybrid by Margin

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Recommended Use: Daily, after cleanser

Recommended Skin Type: Normal, Combination, Oily

Price: $65

Coffee isn’t the way to get your morning caffeine. When it’s used in moisturizer, the chemical clarifies and tightens, waking up your skin just as a cup of java spurs your brain into speed drive. Margin’s Active moisturizer pairs it with the plumping properties of hyaluronic acid and a dash of brightening Vitamin C. If you aren’t sold yet, catch a whiff of the refreshing cucumber scent — you’re welcome.

Eye Concentrate by Le Mer

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Recommended Use: Twice daily, after moisturizer

Recommended Skin Type: All

Price: $365

La Mer is like the Rolls-Royce of skincare — a glamorous splurge with solid engineering to back it up. The mossy green tub matches the DNA of the cream: lime tea extract fortifies your skin against irritants while algae and amino proteins promote circulation. In the morning and before bed, simply scoop up a bead of concentrate and dab it under your eyes with the included applicator.

LED Mask by Omnilux

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Recommended Use: 3-5 times per week for 4-6 weeks

Recommended Skin Type: All

Price: $535

A mask like this certainly warrants an explanation. The red-light craze has taken over the skincare industry; Omnilux says the red lights promote cellular growth and stimulate new collagen — a natural protein comprised of amino acids, best known for keeping our skin elastic and joints healthy. When you’re in the mood for some extra pampering, pop on this sci-fi prop and give red-light therapy a whirl.

Bio-Tech Emulsion by Orveda

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Recommended Use: Daily, after cleanser (moisturizer) or as desired (mask)

Recommended Skin Type: Dry, Normal, Combination

Price: €320

Two pumps of Orveda’s Bio-Tech Emulsion infuse the skin with a vegan, ethanol-free glow. Ingredients like Bio-Tech prebiotics and bio-fermented kombucha make natural magic. As a daily moisturizer, spread it across your cheeks and under the jawline. Alternatively, Bio-Tech Emulsion makes a solid face mask: six pumps left on for ten minutes provide a deep, hydrating treatment.