TAG Heuer’s Connected Smartwatch Just Got Smarter

Are we over the either/or conversation about wearables yet? Because whatever side you’re on, comparing a smartwatch to a mechanical one does a disservice to both. We love mechanical watches, of course, but when it comes to the TAG Heuer Connected, the benefits of a smartwatch are easy to appreciate. This week, a recent update to its fitness tracking and golf apps makes it even more capable. Here’s the rundown:

A Swiss smartwatch

Launched in 2015 and overhauled a year ago, the Connected is a wearable smart device with the same fit and finish you’d expect from a luxury Swiss watchmaker, right down to the solid-feeling pushers. Its software is equally impressive, with a full suite of activity tracking and fitness capabilities, including heart rate monitoring and a specialized golf app. This month, in anticipation of high season for running, biking and golfing, the brand has updated the Connected’s software in a few important way

A new emphasis on wellness

This fitness tracker does more than just monitoring your steps, heart rate and calories burned. In addition to these functions, the TAG Heuer Connected app now offers a new Wellness tab with information about how your fitness stats have evolved over time. By tracking your steady progress, the Connected provides motivation to stay active and fit.

TAG Heuer’s Connected Smartwatch

Goal-setting made easy

Wellness is all about forming new habits, and the Connected is now better than ever at letting you know how far you’ve come. Similar to the Apple Watch’s famous rings, the TAG Heuer Wellness app tracks your progress on a barometer that displays your level of activity during the week. This includes a detailed overview of minutes spent in fat-burn, cardio and peak zones, allowing at-a-glance readings of how each active minute benefited your body. By focusing on three basic metrics (daily steps, daily calories burned, and active minutes per week) the TAG Heuer Connected now makes it easier to crush your wellness goals every day.

Enhanced maps for golfers

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition and its accompanying app are packed with features to help golfers up their game. The latest update to the Connected features upgraded 2D maps with even more detail, right down to single trees. The TAG Heuer Golf app, meanwhile, uses Apple’s new SceneKit 3D graphics framework to significantly advance its 3D maps on iOS devices. IOS users will also find simulated shot trajectories and a fresh overall feel similar to the visuals seen on pro golf telecasts.

Club recommendation

Can’t decide between your 3-iron and your hybrid? Just ask your watch. Simply move the target on the course map, and the Connected will recommend the right club based on distance. Set up distances for each of your clubs, and the watch will then take this data into account for even more precise recommendations.

Enhanced scoring

On-the-go scorekeeping is one of the most popular features on the Connected smartwatch, and the new app adds even more functionality by visualizing the score in stroke play, stableford, or match play. If you’re using your phone as well as your watch, a new built-in Bluetooth connection allows for faster synchronization for an even more seamless experience.

TAG Heuer’s Connected Smartwatch