4 High-Tech At-Home Fitness Systems to Bring the Gym to You

With the weather cooling and some COVID restrictions still in place, even the most avid gym-goers among us are looking for ways to keep fit at home. Whether you’re looking for personal training, group classes or your trusty weights, these sleek fitness systems offer an AI-powered workout experience to keep you in shape from the comfort of your living room.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fittest of them all? It’s you, buddy. This smart piece of glass brings the yoga studio, boxing ring and personal training home to you. If self-isolation’s getting you down, choose from an extensive library of live, on-de- mand classes from kickboxing to weight training. Whatever you want, Mirror’s got it. And once it’s powered down, it just looks like, well, a really nice mirror. You’ll be grateful to see the gains. $1,495 USD


Tonal bills itself as the world’s smartest personal trainer and home gym. Seriously, it knows your body better than you do. The AI-powered technology takes the guesswork out of working out by using 17 sensors to track your progress in real-time and give you feedback. Whether you’re looking to bulk out or
tone down, the all-in-one machine means you can do over 170 moves with one piece of equipment. Smart, indeed. $2,995 USD


Your hardcore cyclist friends and spin class devotees all swear by it with religious fervour, but 1.3 million subscribers can’t be wrong, right? The indoor cycling bike with immersive, on-demand classes is the best (and most fun) high-energy cardio workout on the market right now. And the brand just expanded its product offering with Bike+, a larger touchscreen 360o of movement to accommodate more workouts from strength training to yoga, and Tread, a super advanced treadmill coming early 2021. From $2,495

Forme Life

Equipped with speakers and a camera, the six-foot, full-length mirror provides an immersive gym experience at home. Virtual classes range from interval training and boxing to meditation and yoga, complete with pullies and adjustable arms for push and pull exercises. AI technology collects data from previous workouts to create a personalized regimen. And thanks to its Yves Béhar design, it looks good anywhere. From $4495 or $125/month for 36 months