Explore Quebec City’s Minimalist Strøm Nordic Spa with BMW

There’s a reason why people travel all the way to places like Iceland just to take a bath. Spas are at their most soulful when they’re built into a striking landscape — delivering not just a powerful physical reset, but also a meaningful mental reminder that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. That said, there’s no need to cross the ocean to soak in natural wonder. Capturing some of the same rugged magic that makes the Nordic region such a draw, Strøm Nordic Spa outside of Quebec City boasts a dramatic backdrop of its own, complemented by sophisticated modern architecture that proves to be an equally impressive spectacle.

Credit Quebec architecture studio Lemay Michaud for translating the spirit of the vast St. Lawrence River into a minimalist destination that manages to bring a controlled sense of calm to the city’s Old Port. Projecting out towards the water, four parallel volumes take inspiration from the rows of long wharves that would once have serviced ships in the area. This low, horizontal design scheme also serves as a sensitive match to the signature topography of the St. Lawrence Lowlands region, reflected in the rolling plains visible across the water.

To best celebrate this picturesque geography, many of the spa’s soaking pools, hot tubs, dry saunas, and steam baths are strategically positioned to receive their own distinct views. Several pools are also built into sunken terraces formed in between the spa’s four main wings, creating a dynamic arrangement of stepped levels that transforms the spa into an extension of its shoreline terrain. Along with a lazy river-style drift pool, an infinity pool that runs alongside the St. Lawrence River acts as one of the main sources of extreme outdoor relaxation. Other key attractions, like an Epsom salt floatation bath, operate in intimate indoor settings clad in moody stone to achieve the feeling of immersive, cave-like retreats — perfect for moments of inner reflection.

Thanks to its dark material palette, the spa becomes an especially bold presence in winter, when it sits in sharp contrast to the frigid white landscape around it. Black metal and Corten steel cladding are further nods to the site’s past as an industrial shipping pier, while ample use of wood — employed to particularly exciting effect in a sinuous sauna bench — riffs on Quebec’s traditional cabin architecture. Floor-to-ceiling glazing evokes the transparency of the river while ensuring the views from indoors are just as good as they are from outside.

And while Strøm’s hot-to-cold thermal circuit experience is thought to benefit everything from blood circulation to muscle relaxation and breathing patterns, there’s also something to be said for the therapeutic powers of a great meal. On-site restaurant Nord offers a rotating menu spotlighting the local region’s best seasonal ingredients.

Combining spectacular views with spectacular architecture, a trip to Strøm Nordic Spa is ready to deliver lasting rejuvenation. Especially if you’re feeling stressed, stiff, or sore, the clean geometry of a modern spa retreat might just hold the secret to a clean bill of health.

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