Back-to-Work Style: Work Hard, Play Hard

As we inch our way towards 2022, how does one define office style? Remote work and variable office schedules have become the new normal, and the idea of office culture has become a bit of a foreign concept. That said, sartorial expression is alive and well, and the desire for some to make a statement when returning to the workplace isn’t going away. Sure, some offices are embracing more casual codes, however this merely allows for interpretations of classical tailoring to make a bigger, bolder impression. Upgrade your back-to-the-office style with pops of colour and classic tailoring in playful proportions.

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Suit ($3,615) by Maison Margiela; Turtleneck (price upon request) by Prada; Ring ($3,959) by Boyd Court

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Shirt ($260) by Eton; Suspenders ($75) by Trafalgar; Tie ($280) by Doublet; Glasses ($370) by Fendi

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Blazer ($945) by Ernest W. Baker; Pants ($685) by Ernest W. Baker; Sweater ($595) by Paul Smith; Shoes ($925) by Dries Van Noten; Glasses ($230) by Brain Dead

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Blazer ($2,095) by Paul Smith; Shirt ($260) by Eton; Pants ($510) by Officine Generale; Tie ($290) by Dries Van Noten; Glasses ($590) by Givenchy; Ring ($2,749) by Boyd Court

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Blazer ($795) by Hugo Boss; Pants ($75) by Expo Vintage; Shoes ($975) by Alden at Lost & Found; Glasses ($315) by Fendi

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Coat, Sweater, Turtleneck, and Shoes (all price upon request) by Prada; Pants ($288) by Hugo Boss

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Glasses ($230) by Brain Dead

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Jacket ($668) and Shirt ($175) by Beams; Cardigan ($250) by Comme des Garçons all at Lost & Found; Pants ($278) and Tie ($128) by Strellson

Photography: Renata Kaveh

Styling: Jackie McKeown

Grooming: Leandro Avanco (P1M)

Set Design: Caitlin Doherty

Model: Carter (WANT)

Photo Assistant: Derek O’Donnell

Style Assistant: Fran Miller