Discover Virgil Abloh’s Final Collection for Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh never failed to deliver excellency — and make us think — no matter the task at hand. For Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2022, the late Abloh delivered once more with the eighth and final chapter (Collection 8) in his arc for the brand: The Louis Dreamhouse. Collection 8 connects the themes and messages of the entire arc Abloh conceived — and completes his octology that is somewhat of an underdog story — one of a boy who is tried and tested yet becomes a success in the eyes of his observers. The boy hero, central to Abloh’s vision and coming-of-age premise, experiences a rite of passage: a triumph, a resolve. His intention as the designer to unite with his audience is with the hope that others can relate and see themselves in his experience.

And while the collection is called the Louis Dreamhouse, it’s not just a quirky title or nod to Barbie’s infamous abode — the Carreau du Temple in Paris was transformed into a life-size dreamhouse for the collection’s show — that completely sucked you into Abloh’s vision. That “Boyhood Ideology” is infused into the design of the Dreamhouse — the notion of seeing the world with the unimpaired eyes of a child — filled with endless dreams and zero limits, that accepts and welcomes a collection which disregards norms and “the typical” and imagines clothing items such as sportswear, even dresses, in brand-new ways.

And that mentality was part of pretty much everything Abloh did and created. For him, it wasn’t just about imagining and inventing new clothes and accessories — it was also about evolving human values and implementing change in the fashion world and way beyond it — his entire eight-part series, executed between 2018 and 2022, including his latest and final collection for the brand, was founded on that exact desire: to change our perspectives, using fashion to help do so.

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