The Gucci Pineapple Capsule Collection Makes Getting Dressed a Little Sweeter

The weather (at least in most parts of Canada) is inconsistent — every time we feel like it’s starting to warm up, we’re “rewarded” with another day of snow. But as we inch closer and closer to spring, we’re getting more and more anxious to trade in our winter boots and parkas for something a little…lighter. Lighter could simply mean a bomber instead of a puffer jacket or sneakers instead of boots but I think you know us by now — we’d rather go all out. We’re talking colourful patterns, cheeky motifs, and casual yet refined vibes. The Gucci Pineapple collection is exactly the brightness we need to transition to the season ahead — a bit overwhelming when worn as a complete set, but just bold enough when single pieces are added to your overall wardrobe.

Now this isn’t the first one of Gucci’s capsule collections to grab our attention or use vibrant and playful motifs (remember the bees? the snakes?) but we love the versatility of this one. It’s light-hearted and cheeky yes, but also somehow simultaneously refined and sophisticated and effortlessly wearable. The ready-to-wear pieces include a melange of collegiate and streetwear aesthetics, ranging from formalwear to fleece tracksuits, and from sneakers to leather accessories.

The polos and blazers in the collection scream retro tropical vacation vibes, and we’re here for it; it’s laid-back luxe at its finest. The matching sets — quirky bowling shirts with pants or shorts — are chic and the trench coats and knitwear are on-trend yet also elevated. The shoes, bags, and jackets make for good statement pieces — especially when paired with a more muted outfit.

For those still in work-from-home mode, the cotton hoodies are an easy pick for lounging around. Meanwhile, there’s also no shortage of more versatile pieces that are capable of handling date nights, dinners, and more (relatively) formal affairs. For nights out we’d suggest one of the wool or cotton sweaters, or the preppy sweater vest with leather drivers or loafers and flared trousers. Add a bag and/or vibrant belt for extra oomph.

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Gucci’s new decorative motif comprising a pineapple — and roses — marks a diverse, colourful, and trendy collection that eagerly welcomes the new season, and we’re already excited about all the pink, green, and vibrant colours and patterns that are in play here. Some of the capsule’s pieces also sport a prominent patch with the number “22,705” which refers to the number of songs that include a reference to the luxury fashion house in their lyrics.

As care-free as the collection is, the campaign itself is equally chill and set at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach — a relaxed and vividly-coloured setting. The campaign imagery has a vintage feel and coupled with the bold retro designs of the destination — and the pieces in the collection, the capsule’s message of “timeless playfulness” is heard loud and clear.

There are infinite ways to incorporate pieces from this collection into your wardrobe — to layer, mix and match, and accessorize with. To snag pieces from the capsule to ring in the new season (we know it’s not springtime yet but we’re excited) — particularly the bright-coloured polos and bombers, high-quality sweaters, and super fun accessories, you can do so on the Gucci website, or if you’re travelling to the States, you can stop by a Gucci store or Pop-Up to see that sweet pineapple print in person.

See the full Gucci Pineapple collection here.