Style Manual: A Guide to the Summer’s Leading Menswear Trends

Summer is here, and it’s time to update your wardrobe with elevated staples and a refreshing colour palette. There’s a lot to digest this season, including fresh new accessories, bright colours, and the ongoing aggressive return of ’80s influence. Our most recent Book For Men photoshoot covers all the key bases, and throws in a few surprises for good measure.

Warp and Weft

As the days get warmer, featherweight knitwear is a necessary substitute for heavy winter wools. Choose knits created from linens, silks, and other extra-fine yarns to stay comfy.

Yuvi: Vest ($900) by Marni.

Jacob: Sweater (price upon request) by Hermès.

Monogram Mania

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of playfulness into your wardrobe, a bag with a monogram print creates visual intrigue without becoming overbearing.

monogram print menswear trend

Shirt ($595) by Bottega Veneta; bags (all price upon request) by Louis Vuitton, all at VSP Consignment; jacket, stylist’s own.

Cargo Cult

Utility-inspired clothing and accessories fuse form and function in interesting ways. Generously sized pockets and pouches in particular are perfect for stowing essentials.

Jacob: Vest ($450) and pants ($585) BY Engineered Garments; hoodie ($395) by Barena Venezia; shoes ($690) BY Viberg, all at Lost & Found.
Yuvi: Jacket ($2,995), shorts ($695), and sunglasses ($700) BY Brunello Cucinelli; sweater ($1,195) by Giorgio Armani, all at Harry Rosen; bag (price upon request) by Hermès.

Western Flair

Fringe adds a welcome retro flair to outerwear and is a foolproof way to stand out for all the right reasons.

Jacket, shirt, and pants (all price upon request) by Gucci.

Flexible Footing

Easy to slip on or off, a mule is the perfect hybrid between the security of a closed-toe shoe and the freedom of a sandal. Shoehorns, be gone!

mule menswear shoe trend

Shirt ($375) by Raf Simons; shorts ($495) by Marni, both at VSP Consignment; tie (price upon request) by Strellson; socks by Kotn; mules ($890) by Marni.

Fancy Frames

This season, classic frame shapes are getting a makeover with expanded colour palettes, ensuring that even functional eyewear can be expressive.

Yuvi: Sunglasses ($588) by Dries Van Noten; shirt (price upon request) by Gucci; necklace ($14,300) by Tiffany & Co.

Jacob: Sunglasses ($350) and shirt ($890) by Marni.

Denim Deluxe

With a wash to suit any taste, the “Canadian tuxedo” has transcended its humble roots to become a killer off-duty look, while the durability of denim makes it a perennial favourite.

Jacket ($775) and jeans ($645) by Feng Chen Wang; tank top ($85) by Schnayderman’s, at Lost & Found; boots ($200) by Timberland.

Show Off

Gone are the days of modest menswear; short hemlines have become a staple of recent designer collections and recall the finely dressed preppies of the ’80s.

short shorts menswear trend

Jacket ($615) by Libero; sweater ($865) by Wales Bonner; shorts ($530) by Bode; shoes ($240) by Adidas By Wales Bonner; socks, stylist’s own.

Joyful Reset

Sorbet tones and bright colours are the perfect way to shed winter’s drabness and embrace the vibrancy that comes with warmer weather.

menswear sorbet colour trend

Jacob: Shirt ($820) by Dries Van Noten; sweater ($175) by Stüssy, at Lost & Found.

Yuvi: Hat ($60) by Stüssy, at Lost & Found; hoodie (price upon request) by Strellson; blazer ($995) by Emporio Armani, at Harry Rosen.

Effortless Appeal

This season, opt for relaxed tailoring to cultivate an air of considered nonchalance. Fluid fabrics and roomy silhouettes can move from boardroom to bistro with ease.

menswear suiting trend

Tank top ($85) by Schnayderman’s; sandals ($395) by Paraboot, both at Lost & Found; jacket and pants (both price upon request) by Dior.

Set Sail

Best suited for sunshine, the bucket hat has outgrown its kitschy beginnings and become a smart addition to any outfit. Whether you’re hitting the beach or strolling around the city, the bucket hat should be in heavy rotation this summer.

White hat ($395) by Prada, at VSP Consignment; black hat ($750) by Prada, at Harry Rosen.

Photography: Lawrence Cortez

Styling: Jackie Mckeown

Grooming: Nate Matthew (P1M)

Photo Assistants: Brandon McEachern & Archie Sandall

Style Assistant: Alex Makubuya

Models: Jacob (Chapter MGMT) & Yuvi (Ledrew)