The Modern Man — Exploring the World of GUESS UOMO


The idea of masculinity is as diverse and multi-layered as men themselves. Once synonymous with entertainers like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack — whose larger-than-life personas and epic style made them legends in their day — masculinity has taken on new meaning in the modern era. While a perfectly tailored tux, a well-mixed cocktail, and a confident swagger remain just as appealing in 2022 as they were in 1962, long-established lines of gender are blurring and men are free to interpret their identities in whichever way they choose. As a result, there’s not one definition of what makes a man, but many.

This season, Guess presents a new take on a classic men’s fragrance that’s as complex, confident, and multi-faceted as the modern man himself. With its combination of vibrant citrus, hints of fresh florals, and a warm, woody finish, GUESS UOMO pays tribute to classic masculinity, while celebrating the free-spirited and unconventional men of today.


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“The man who wears the Guess brand is one that likes traditional, classical masculinity, but expresses himself with a fresh, modern edge,” says Linda Chinery, the perfumer behind Guess’s new men’s scent. In GUESS UOMO, this combination of classic and modern takes the form of energetic top notes of grapefruit, cardamom, and lavender, followed by mid-notes of sage, saffron, and geranium, with a lasting sweet finish of dark wood and amber. Intended to ideally complement Guess’s Bella Vita ultra-feminine scent, GUESS UOMO is designed to celebrate the men who live life with passion, who are never content to follow convention, and who are always looking to make their own mark.

This signature mix of classic and modern extends to the packaging, too. Inspired by Italian architecture, which includes classical icons like the Roman Colosseum and Pantheon — as well as ultra-modern marvels like Milan’s Bosco Verticale — the GUESS UOMO packaging is a careful blend of heritage and modernity. From the black marbleized carton to the black-accented transparent glass bottle featuring the GUESS UOMO logo, these elements are as much of a tribute to masculine ideals as the fragrance contained within. Masculine ideals, of course, are more open to interpretation than ever, but one thing remains true today, as it was in the era of the Rat Pack: it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that matters most.

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