Dive Into Summer With GUESS UOMO ACQUA


Scent is the most powerful of the senses, able to surface long-forgotten memories and evoke far-off places. That’s part of what makes a signature scent so appealing, for both the man who wears it and those who are close to him. It’s a way of subtly defining yourself in the world, an essential piece of your wardrobe alongside your most beloved suits, button-downs, and loafers. The new GUESS Uomo Acqua fragrance combines diverse elements to create an expression of masculinity that’s as complex as it is evocative, tailor-made to become your signature scent for the summer.

GUESS Uomo Acqua model standing on sandy beach

Following the success of GUESS Uomo — a deep and timeless fragrance inspired by men who live life with passion and individuality — GUESS Uomo Acqua is the second fragrance to join the eponymous collection. Where GUESS Uomo is warm and intense, GUESS Uomo Acqua is soft and serene; base notes of sandalwood and salted seamoss anchor a reviving blend of aro­matics like lemon and juniper.

“I knew this fragrance had to have the ability to be both calm and wild in spirit,” said Perfumer Clement Gavarry, who drew on the concept of duality and the changing moods of the ocean to create the scent. Using cardamom and palo santo smoke to symbolize the roughness and strength of the sea, he balanced these moody elements with fresh and vibrant notes of sage and cucumber to create a fragrance that’s ideal for the warmer months. “Together [these elements] create the perfect harmony that encompasses the diversity of the sea and the Uomo man,” Gavarry said.

GUESS Uomo Acqua bottle in clear water

Following the design of GUESS Uomo, GUESS Uomo Acqua is presented in a bottle inspired by Italian architecture. The new summer scent, however, is distinguished by a turquoise-coloured glass bottle, with luxurious gold accents reminiscent of the Mediterranean’s azure waters.

With its brightness and vibrance, GUESS Uomo Acqua is designed to reflect the boldness, complexity, and confidence of a certain kind of man. As a counterpoint to GUESS Uomo, which is ideal for the cooler months, GUESS Uomo Acqua is the perfect signature scent for the summer, whether you’re sunning yourself on the beach in Sardinia or making waves closer to home.

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