Inside Aman Spa, A Chrysalis of Comfort In Downtown Toronto

Aman Spa is a dignified refuge, nestled amidst Old Toronto’s towering buildings and bustling crowds. Stepping inside on opening night, Aman’s earthy palette was a refreshing escape from buzzing city noise — comfort practically washes over its beige, sandlike walls. Meanwhile, rustic treatment rooms grant visitors enough privacy to truly unwind. Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise — after all, “amān” is Arabic for peace and tranquility.

If you’re relatively new to the massage scene — perhaps your experience is limited to Father’s Day gift cards — Aman Spa offers an easy introduction. The space is small, yet inviting. Lined with products, the lobby walls are light and open. Attendants are more than happy to explain the range of treatments options, which starts with a thirty minute neck and shoulder tune-up — a quick reset after a week of office-induced tech-neck.

Director Thomas Tullo dreamed up Aman as a balm for burnout, a place of rest for both self-care superfans and newcomers to the wellness scene. “It’s important to me that my clients understand the treatments they’re receiving,” he said. “This way, they also understand the long-term physical and psychological benefits that taking care of oneself through treatment will ultimately have.”

As a luxury wellness centre, the spa takes its duties seriously. It’s a full service affair, with in-depth treatments including a ninety-minute facial, complete with a cooled rose quartz rub. If it’s a full-body work down you’re after, Aman has you covered there too. In addition to the traditional massage, they offer a Himalayan salt stone treatment, and an “Aman aroma” massage therapy.

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The best treatments are bespoke, as Tullo said, “My approach to treatment is client-focused and wellness-driven above all else.” His client-focused philosophy radiates throughout the wellness centre. Outfitting the treatment rooms, for example, are Lemi Gemya Evo massage beds constructed in Italy. They’re designed to adjust for temperature and ergonomic optimization, letting therapists tailor the experience for every client.

The spa also offers a selection of targeted treatments for specific areas, including the “Get Off Your Feet,” a thirty-minute pamper for the ankles, calves, and feet. Relaxing muscle tissue, the treatment relieves pent-up tension. It doubles as a pampering for cardio-enthusiasts, and a city-dweller’s much-appreciated reprieve after a day spent chasing streetcars.

If you’re undecided, the spa attendants are happy to fill you in on the specifics of each service, including benefits and therapeutic processes. Tullo values “full transparency, and always looking inward as a first in treatment,” an ethos that’s backed up by a range of ‘massage enhancements’ to customize your experience.

Quality doesn’t end with the services, though — Aman Spa is a feast for the eyes, with an interior to envy. As a designer told us, the spa was destined to find a home in its historic location. The treatment room sports chic exposed bricks, adding a rustic depth to the earthy, Middle-Eastern-inspired look. They’re original to the building; alongside exterior trim, they preserve the space’s heritage.

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Prior to founding Aman Spa, Tullo travelled the globe for inspiration, studying relaxation techniques and aesthetics. Subsequently, visitors to Aman Spa will find a diverse set of wellness practices, further emphasized by its nature-inspired designs. The palette reflects desert scenes from Tullo’s travels, “I recalled the sensation of walking on the sand, the vastness of the dunes, and the feelings of physical and mental peace this gave me,” he said.

Modern, subdued neutrals paint minimalist furniture pieces to contrast the classic elements. In true spa fashion, the space is tied together through a focus on earthy materials like wood and stone. They sparkle under natural light, courtesy of the lobby’s picture window.

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