A Cut Above: Atelier Munro is More Than Just Clothes

SHARP & Atelier Munro

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, the best brands stand out not just for their exquisite designs, but for the deep sense of connection they establish with their clients. Atelier Munro exemplifies this collaborative quality through its unique approach to modern tailoring.

“We ensure that every single ingredient, whether the fabric, design options to fit, is customized to an individual personal taste and personality type,” says store leader Gaurav Suneja. But it’s not just about the clothing, adds the brand’s business development leader, Vince Fazzari. “We become an extension of our clients’ wardrobes. We’re there for their weddings and life events. It’s about more than just clothes.”

Atelier Munro places an unwavering focus on making menswear feel personal again. Too often these days we can walk into stores and feel that the clothes on offer are crafted without character. But this is a brand that stands for truly made-to-measure garments; suiting guaranteed to encapsulate your unique personality in every exquisite piece.

The fashion house understands that to create the best custom suit possible, they must get to know the man who will wear it. Only when a picture of the man is created can his perfect, personal piece of tailoring come to life.

“We don’t look at what’s trendy today. We look at the history of menswear and incorporate it with the customer’s preferences.”

Vince Fazzari

In practice, Atelier Munro marries traditional tailoring techniques with contemporary methods. Most of the brand’s designs are rooted in history, inspired by classic looks. “We don’t look at what’s trendy today,” explains Fazzari. “We look at the history of menswear and incorporate it with the customer’s preferences.”

With a commitment to sustainability, the brand has also turned to materials like bamboo to maintain a luxury feel, while not sacrificing its eco-credentials. Few brands have exhibited such a consistent commitment to innovation, and by building up a community of like-minded individuals, the label is not only tailoring the way we approach our wardrobes but the way we live our lives. Atelier Munro has transcended simple brand status: it’s become a philosophy.

Velvet Jacket

Velvet jacket from atelier munro

This aubergine velvet jacket with peak lapels is a contemporary staple that can be styled with a white tuxedo shirt and black wool or mohair trousers, or dressed down with a navy blue turtleneck. As a brand, Atelier Munro advocates velvet for fall and winter, and offers a plethora of colour options to choose from. ($769)

Parajumper Boots

A pair of brown parajumper boots from Atelier Munro

Made in Italy, these chocolate brown suede parajumper boots with brogue details are a sartorial take on classic parajumper boots. Pair with dress pants, a sports jacket, or a pair of black or off-white denim to add character to any outfit. Fully customizable, you can style them to your liking by choosing a variety of leather and sole combinations. ($599)

Winter White Cardigan Vest

Man hanging a white jacket at Atelier Munro

This cashmere-sleeved sweater jacket in winter white, made with a Loro Piana storm system fabric, is a great addition to your elegantly understated wardrobe. It’s a perfect example of quiet luxury and available in four different colours. ($899)