This RWB Widebody Porsche 911 GT3 Is As Wild As They Come

SHARP & eBay Motors Canada

When it comes to outrageously widebodied Porsche 911s, there is one simple rule: it’s only a genuine RWB if Akira Nakai personally built it. An automotive takumi from Chiba, Japan, Nakai has gone from a heretic, slicing up vintage air-cooled 911s, to one of the most in-demand car modifiers in the world. His RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) 930s have gone viral on every social media platform, and now, after a long travel hiatus, he’s come back to Canada.

Akira Nakai works on the light of a Porsche

As part of his August build tour across Canada, Nakai marked a debut for RWB with the first 997-generation 911 created outside Japan. Built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, from a manual 997.1 generation 911 with some GT3 performance and cosmetic upgrades already installed, it’s an absolute beast. Huge overfenders, a wide stance, and even a roof box perched partially on the rear spoiler give this thing the kind of visual clout that dominates on image-heavy apps like Instagram. And it almost didn’t happen.

The RWB’s owner, Mark Seto, is the Founder of Driven, a touring aftermarket car show that puts a spotlight on some of Canada’s wildest modified machines. Looking to capture the essence of what goes into an RWB build, he found an unexpected opportunity. Nakai was headed to Saskatoon for two scheduled builds, and there was room in his calendar to build a car for the Regina stop of the Driven tour. The rare unused RWB body kit was sourced in Japan directly by Nakai. With that kit en route, a suitable 911 was quickly found, and the hunt was on to complete the rest of the parts list as fast as possible. Enter eBay Motors Canada.

Specifically, that’s Here, shoppers can browse through thousands of performance, cosmetic, and technology upgrades for their car. eBay uses a simple process to take the guesswork out of whether parts will fit your car – in the case of the 997, for instance, there are two generations with minor differences that can cause issues – so just punch in make, model, year and trim details, and watch for the ‘Fits Your Vehicle’ green checkmark.

For the RWB 997 build, a mix of three types of parts was required. Simply widening the body and leaving the suspension stock would result in an odd-looking wheel fitment: Ebenezer Scrooge in board shorts. Camber plates were ordered on eBay and with quick shipping were there in days, fitting into the tight schedule.

The 997 is a modern Porsche, but was light on infotainment in its day. A driver-first cockpit fits the 911 ethos well, but if you’re used to Android Auto in your daily driver, an upgrade is required. No problem, as sourcing an Android stereo unit through ensured finding a direct replacement that didn’t require complex installation.

Akira Nakai restores porsche with ebay starts

Last, capping off the widebody RWB look requires some carbonfibre icing, sourced from eBay’s trusted sellers. Affordable, quickly available, and fitment correct headlight and mirror covers set things off, along with a carbonfibre cover for the rear decklid.

Menacing in all-black, the build wears its “Rough World” windshield banner with pride. Massively wide Superspeed wheels fill out those gaping wheelarches, and the hood is finished with a satin-look protective film. The look is part Japanese-crafted widebody 911, part Batmobile, all uncompromising.

Nakai made his way back to Japan, leaving a handful of new Canadian RWB builds in his wake. Those cars can be seen at local car shows or in photos and videos, giving inspiration to car customizers everywhere.

You don’t have to own a 911 to want to start modifying your own car to your personal tastes, and makes customization straightforward for a huge variety of models. There is, after all, only one Akira Nakai, and only so many genuine builds he can create. But there’s no limit to the creativity of the car customization scene. And though only Akira Nakai can build a genuine RWB, indulging a passion for car customization doesn’t have to be a ground up affair. Tailoring your ride to fit your own personal style is just a couple of clicks away.