The Rolex-Designed Oscars Greenroom Makes for a Proper Posh Hideaway

The Oscar buzz is getting quite thick as we roll into the weekend, and just ahead of the awards ceremony, Rolex has shared its completed design of the Greenroom: a space where nominees and presenters gather before and after their momentous appearances. It’s a little known fact that Rolex has been in charge of the greenroom design for several years now, after cementing its partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2017.

Rolex has a very lengthy history with cinema, between its appearances on the famous wrists of on-screen personas, as well as being the watch brand of choice for a whole slew of actors. Daniel Craig, Jennifer Anniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, and countless others have been spotted wearing the crown at one point or another, so to have the brand be tied to the Oscars is a bit of a no brainer.

rolex oscars greenroom

For the 2024 Greenroom design, the firm leaned into nature, with rich vegetal and earthen tones encapsulating the space while warm yellow and gold tones tie it all together. Along with this vegetal theme, all of the materials chosen are sustainably sourced. A keen-eyed Rolex enthusiast will also note the integration of key design elements from its timepieces, integrated into the wall treatments and other surfaces. Nods to Rolex’s fluted bezels, radially brushed dials, and even a bit of the dial of the Palm Motif Datejust makes an appearance. It feels like the kind of build-out that would work just as well as an indoor-outdoor client lounge while spring begins to bloom and temperatures start warming up. All told, it’s not the worst place to spend time waiting for your call onto the stage.