Dior Goes Low: New B57 Edition Arrives For Spring

If you’ve been following the evolution of men’s footwear with us, you’ve likely heard of the Dior B57 sneaker: an elegant study in sportswear, complemented by a retro-tinged colour palette and contracting laces. For spring, the Dior B57 Low sheds a layer. Sporting a svelte, low-top silhouette, these sneakers are ready to roll down the windows and soak up the sun.

The low-top B57s extend the Dior Fall 2024 collection for springtime. A lighter palette shows off sky blue pastels and creamy off-whites on its dual-toned rubber soles. All over the silhouette, you’ll find contrasting stitches, with pops of light grey to augment the sneakers’ chiseled contour. These shoes pay their respects to the Maison, of course: Dior’s ubiquitous Oblique Jacquard print makes the cut, popping out on a pair of “CD” initials.

We’re only leading with the slick design because — from Kim Jones-era Dior — top-notch materials are an expectation. Of course, the low B57s don’t disappoint; they’re made from two-toned calfskin, polished to feel as smooth as a river rock. With welded, side-sewn construction, though, the shoes don’t feel mass-produced. Here, Dior strikes a rare balance between luxe quality and authentic flair.

Dior B57 Low

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Dior B57 Low

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Dior B57 Low

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Dior B57 Low

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Dior B57 Low

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Meanwhile, technical mesh lining reminds us that — despite their stylish assembly and streetwear cachet — the B57s are shoes fit for athletes, too. The lining feels breezy and light, while plush ankles and perforated detailing are as comfortable as they are functional. As if that wasn’t enough, these B57s double down on performance with a rubber insert.

Refined yet playful, the B57 Low rounds out a chic spring wardrobe — for the varied, ‘work-hard play-hard’ lifestyles of today, it’s the ultimate inclusion. Alongside two cheeky varieties of blue — pale and midnight — the B57s come in beige, grey, and black. You can pick up a pair at your local boutique, or browse the details online at dior.com. Happy shopping!