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When summer comes, it’s time to cruise the country roads and unwind. But, of course, you don’t want to leave everything behind you — rest and relaxation is best when you’ve brought along plenty of toys.

Thankfully, your hardworking weekday vehicle knows how to play, too. While your truck gets you to and from your responsibilities, it’s at its best when it’s loaded up with gear and heading out into the country.

Fitting it all in isn’t just about grabbing a couple of bungee cords and hoping for the best. Thanks to eBay Motors Canada, you can access a network of verified, trusted sellers to set up your truck to haul and tow anything you might need for a fun-filled summer.  Input your vehicle’s make, model, year, and trim level, and a whole range of bed and towing supplies will become available. Many verified sellers are based in Canada and the US for rapid shipping, and eBay Motors also has global reach for hard-to-find parts.

Summer comes and goes all too soon, so here’s how to fit it all in.

ebay signature style custom truck

Cover Up

First on the list should be a tonneau cover for your truck’s bed, both to add a level of security and keep the road grime off whatever you’re hauling. Soft tonneaus are the most flexible, retracting out of the way if you’ve need extra space for hauling mountain bikes on the tailgate or other larger loads. Hard tonneaus can also fold — and they’re a little more rugged.

Whether they’re lockable, easily stowed, or even power-retracting, the right tonneau choice really adds protection to whatever’s in your bed. Next up, keeping it all in place.

Stow & Go

Utilizing your bed space begins with taking inventory of what you’re going to want to haul along with you. If your daily driver is a crew cab that puts a bit more priority on passenger carrying versus overall bed length, a folding bed extender is a great way to temporarily expand for maximum capacity. When folded, it’ll also keep smaller items packed close to the tailgate for easy access.

ebay signature style custom truck

Cargo organizers, nets, and in-bed lockers are invaluable for keeping things where they’re supposed to be, making packing and unpacking a much more organized affair. If your truck bed already has bed rails from the factory, then adding in moving tie-down points allows you to set things up just the way you like — if it doesn’t, then eBay Motors Canada has OEM fitment solutions ready to go.

And don’t forget about that useful space above the bed. Bed-mounted racks can raise the carrying capacity of your truck even further. Choose from either a Baja-style chase rack, or a two-bar setup that can handle kayaks or paddleboards or anything else you might want at the lake.

You’re also going to want to have proper tie-downs for all your gear. There are universal options available, including many that are lockable for extra security.

Taking Steps

ebay signature style custom truck

Whether your truck is lifted or factory height, getting cargo on and off is much easier when you have a place to stand. Siderails or rock-sliders add a level of offroad protection, but eBay Motors Canada also has plenty of styles that have built-in steps when you’re up high, tying things off. Adding a step to the rear hitch also comes in handy when loading and unloading the bed.

Towing the Line

Whether it’s a boat, camper, or just an extra trailer to haul extra toys like a side-by-side, your truck has to be set up to tow properly. From hitches to trailer brake controllers and extra-large towing mirrors, everything you might need is just a few clicks away.

ebay signature style custom truck

And, if you aren’t going to tow, that rear hitch has plenty of cargo capacity potential waiting to be unlocked. Check out the range of bike carriers, racks, and even canoe extenders available, depending on what you need to fit.

Finishing Touches

While you’re kitting-out your truck for hauling, don’t forget to check out eBay Motors Canada’s long list of OEM fitment external accessories. You can upgrade your truck’s lighting, cap off its style with a custom grille, or even pick out that set of new tires and wheels you’ve been thinking about. Don’t neglect the multiple options for stereo upgrades, either: you can’t have a great summer without great tunes. After all, your truck isn’t just there to carry things. It’s part of your summer fun, too. Set it up to look just right, and don’t let the summer pass you by.