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Olympic Skier Travis Gerrits on Shredding Mental Health Stigma, His Retirement, and His Next Adventure

The Canadian freestyle skier went public with his bipolar disorder in 2017.


3 Weird Discontinued Olympic Sports They Should Totally Bring Back

But not really.

After Nearly Dying Last Year, Canada's Mark McMorris Is Going for Olympic Gold

“I didn’t think I’d ever snowboard again.”


Nobody Wins in the Latest Face-Off Between the NHL and the IOC

Can't we all just get along?

Daily 5

Some Olympic Swimmers May Have Had an Unfair Advantage: What We're Reading Today

Plus: The Blue Jays are still awesome. Carry on.

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Daily 5

Pregnant? Don't Go To Miami, CDC Warns: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: We're closer to ending blindness than you think.