The Best 4K Tech

Just when you thought your state-of-the-art 1080p HDTV had the best quality money can buy, a new video format has come to knock it into Betamax territory. Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition is the next big thing in HDTV resolution. Originally known as 4K, Ultra HD (UHD) displays at least 8 million active pixels and offers four times the resolution of standard 1080p HDTVs. If you’re an early-adopter who loves to have the latest gadgets, you’re going to want the best 4K tech.



Blackmagic URSA

Toted as the world’s first high end digtal film camera, the Blackmagic URSA was built to handle both the ergonomics of a large film crew as well as a single person. Featuring a huge 10-inch fold out set monitor, a 4K image sensor and internal dual RAW and ProRes recorders, you can continuously upgrade the sensor technology as it rolls out in the future. Which of course means that this piece of technology will stay useful for far longer. Put together, the 4K sensor, global shutter and 12 stops of range make for an incredible video camera that will produce images that look like true digital film. You’ll even be able to see the detail of things or people in dark shadows. And don’t even get us started on the quality of picture! With the high resolution Ultra HD, even your home videos will look like impeccably shot blockbuster films.



Canon EOS ID C

The first 4K camera to join Canon’s Cinema EOS System, the EOS ID C is also the most technically advanced. Mixing up-to-the-minute video technology with the depth of the EOS system, Canon has conceived a camera capable of taking high-quality stills as well as movies so perfect, even picky documentarians will be happy. In addition to Cannon’s EF-mount lenses, the EOS 1D C facilitates 4K image origination in the tightest and most challenging environments, opening up fresh cinematic opportunities along the way.



LG Ultra HD 4K TV

High definition means something entirely different with the LG Ultra HD 4K TV. With a picture quality of 8.3 million pixels (compared to 2 million from a 1080p HD TV) you’ll be watching your favourite shows and movies in sharper and more vivid detail than you ever thought possible. For a while, it seemed like 3D TVs were going to be the next big thing. Compared to a 4K UHD TV, 3D is a passing fade. Invest in this TV and you won’t ever again be impressed by a movie shown in an IMAX theatre.


Samsung 4K Desktop Monitor

If you thought you couldn’t tear yourself away from your computer screen before, wait until you see the UHD monitor from Samsung. With resolution that is four times higher than full HD, this 4K monitor delivers 8 million pixels per image. Everything that pops up will be incredibly lifelike with 64 times more colour than conventional monitors, aka a jawdropping 1 billion colours. Featuring a response time of 1 millisecond, on-screen motion will be shown fast, clear and smooth. Everything you put on that screen will seem richer and brighter from movies to games and even spreadsheets. Say goodbye to your family, you’ll emerge in a few months’ time.



Toshiba Satellite P50t 4K HD Laptop

Just in time for you to binge-watch all your favourite shows, Toshiba is releasing a laptop with 4k Ultra HD display, the highest quality image processing available in laptop form. With quadruple the resolution of a 1080p laptop, everything you have on the screen will be in amazing detail and image quality, no matter how close you put it to your face. (Because you don’t want your partner to know you’re watching House of Cards in secret!) The ultrafst 802.11ac will stream 4K videos faster than you’ve ever experienced. And don’t worry about staying up late to finish an entire season, the illuminated LED-backlit keyboard will let you continue your productivity no matter the lighting conditions you’re sitting in.