How To Wear A Suit To A Halloween Party

Halloween or not, a gentleman never wears a Spiderman unitard with styrofoam muscles. Choosing a costume at the last minute doesn’t have to mean being stuck with something cheap and ugly. Especially when you have so many impeccable suits in your own closet.


Clark Kent

The caped version of Superman usually gets all the love but we’re fans of his bespeckled alter-ego Clark Kent. Keep party goers anticipating a quick change by leaving your tie loose and a few buttons undone.

Add Ons: Glasses, reporter note-pad.

Hugo Boss slim-fit Italian stretch dress shirt, $145

Don Draper

Don’t limit yourself, you can embody any character from the Mad Men universe since they all wear immaculate suits. As Don Draper, you can expect to have a continuously refreshed Old Fashioned all night long.

Add Ons: Hair pomade, e-cigarettes.

Z Zegna slim silk tie, $120


Gomez Addams

This costume is for a more eclectic man who won’t shy away from a blood red hue. The Addams family patriarch was never known for his subtlety. Amp up the charm towards anyone by speaking French.

Add Ons: A thin moustache, cigar.

Ben Sherman velvet camden fit blazer, $350

James Bond

No matter which incarnation we’re talking about, no one cuts a suit quite like James Bond. Walk around the party with a smirk on your face and a drink in your hand. Just try not to refer to anyone as Pussy Galore.

Add Ons: Martini (shaken, not stirred), gold-painted woman.

Tiger of Sweden Bonavita silk bow tie, $90

Men In Black

You have your pick between Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. Luckily for you, the outfit stays the same. Respond to any questions about your costume with ‘I make this look good.’

Add Ons: ‘Memory loss’ pen, identically-dressed sidekick.

Ray Ban Wayfarer folding classic, $195

Mr. Blonde

While all the guys from Resovoir Dogs are worthy, there’s something extra cool about Mr. Blonde and his psychopathic tendencies. We’re warning you now: don’t get carried away in playing this part.

Add Ons:Severed ear (fake, hopefully), ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’ playing on loop.

Armani classic suit in stretch wool, $1,395

Don’t worry, we won’t let you look like a Halloween cynic. Here’s a list of costume ideas that will not only keep you in a dapper suit but will also make sure you’re the best looking person in every photo.