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10 Smart Luxury Hotels

By: Bianca Teixeira|March 5, 2015



Alma Barcelona, Barcelona

Carrer de Mallorca, 271, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

With a location as gorgeous as Barcelona, it’s hard for any upscale hotel to disappoint. The Alma Barcelona offers the usual suspects – indoor pool, rooftop terrace, beautiful rooms – but introduces something new by way fingerprint swiping to access your room. Never worry about losing a room key again! As long as you can hang onto your fingerprints, you’re good.

Blow Up Hall, Poland

Kościuszki 42, 61-891 Poznań, Poland

If you enter this hotel looking for a reception desk, you’ll be wandering for a while. Here, there is no reception and the rooms have no numbers. Instead, you’ll receive a ‘key’ iPhone that will direct you to your room, allow you to enter it and be at your fingertips whenever you need something from their virtual concierge.

Hotel 1000, Seattle

1000 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Never again will you know the embarrassment of being walked in on by a member of hotel staff. At Hotel 1000, once you enter your room, a small electronic doorbell scans the space with infrared sensors to detect your body heat. Saving this information, it allows the staff to know when you’re in your room or out. Which means you can dance in your skivvies all you want.

Kameha Grand Bonn, Germany

Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 Bonn, Germany

It’s not always the technology that you can grasp in your hands that is the most impressive. At the Kameha Grand Bonn a geothermal power plant is hard at work churning out 70 per cent of the hotel’s energy. If that fact doesn’t already blow your mind, the hotel’s futuristic, psychedelic decor sure will.

Kube Hotel, Paris

5 Passage Ruelle, 75018 Paris, France

Don’t let the quaint, 19th-century Parisian outside of this hotel fool you. Inside, things couldn’t be more current. Between preloaded iPods, multimedia plasma screens and fingerprint technology all around the room, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything old world here. Oh, and the beds glow.

Las Alcobas, Mexico

Presidente Masaryk 390, Polanco, 11560 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

When you think about a Mexican vacation, you inevitably think about beautiful beaches. Well, get your head out of the surf because it’s not only about boring all-inclusives. The Las Alcobas hotel thought summoning a butler with your voice was a hassle so they offer rooms with a controller that rings your butler for you. It also orders room service, draws the shades and sets the alarm.

Nine Zero, Boston

90 Tremont St, Boston, MA, United States

It’s funny that there’s a zero in the name of this hotel because there just so happens to be two in 007. You’ll be thinking of James Bond as you head up to the 19th-floor penthouse suite and use a retinal scan to access your room.

The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong

In addition to perhaps the grandest front entrance we’ve ever seen (thanks to a $58 million renovation) The Peninsula has all the amenities to make clients happy: ultra high-speed Wifi, a wireless laser printer/fax/copier/scanner, tablets also control the lights, climate, drapes, etc. Also available to guests is a large 3D TV and Blu-ray player, with loaner goggles and 3D movies available.

The Halkin, England

5-6 Halkin St, Belgravia, London, UK

Everything you could ever want is available to you at the touch of a button. Each room at The Halkin in London has its own wall console so you’re never more than a few feet from true comfort. Call a butler, dim the lights or turn down the music all from one pad.

Yotel, NewYork

570 10th Ave, New York, NY, United States

After staying at Yotel, you might find yourself turning up your nose at bellhops. Here, the bags are left to the attentions of Yobot, a 15-foot automated luggage handler. Without leting bags pile up and get misplaced, Yobot takes luggage from a large rack and organizes them so they wind up in the right room. Go ahead and stare, just don’t get any fog on Yobot’s window.

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