Here’s How to Turn Your Smartphone Into an Actual Working Lightsaber

Disney’s dropped a steady stream of games this fall in the lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but their latest collaboration with Google just took things to a whole new level. Seriously, this thing is hotter than a tauntaun that’s somehow found itself trawling the surface of Tatooine unprotected from the punishing rays of its midday suns.

In a cross between a Google Doodle and Star Wars: Battlefront, Lightsaber Escape is a quick-and-dirty first person shooter, connecting your phone and browser to let you battle a squadron of First Order Stormtroopers. Using advanced web technologies, your phone actually becomes the hilt of your lightsaber, which, as you wave it around, controls the Jedi weapon displayed on your desktop.

To play, head to Lightsaber Escape on your desktop and enter the URL provided into your phone’s browser. Then, come up with a believable excuse to give your boss when he asks why you never finished that report he needed an hour ago.