Facebook’s Changing Its ‘Like’ Button, and You’re Probably Going to Say ‘Wow.’

1. Inside Lamborghini’s radical tech transformation. Here’s why the Italian supercar manufacturer is poised for its biggest year yet.

2. Facebook will be dramatically overhauling its ‘Like’ button in the coming weeks, Bloomberg revealed today. Soon we’ll be using ‘Reactions’ to let people know how little we care about their vacation photos.

3. Donald Trump’s offensive and controversial approach may win him the GOP nomination, but it’s absolutely destroying his businesses, the New Republic reports.

4. The European commission may suspend Greece’s membership in the 26-nation bloc — not for it’s troubling economic problem, but for the country’s complicity in Europe’s current refugee crisis. Greece was the main point of entry into Europe for more than a million refugees last year.

5. Almost half of all Canadian soldiers have a history of child abuse, significantly higher than the general population, a new study has found.