Silicon Valley's Tech Giants Have Become Our New Gods. Here's Why It's Time to Defy Them

Digital technology has emerged as a new world religion. What that means for the future of humanity is anything but certain.

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Roseanne Rips Ex-Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett: Here's What We're Reading Today

Plus: 'Daredevil' season three spoilers!

Daily 5

Canada Is 'Work in Progress,' Trudeau Tells UN: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: Facebook is turning over its Russian-linked ads to Congress.

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Oh Man, What a Crazy Couple of Days It’s Been

Catch up on the day's most important news with the Sharp Daily 5.

Daily 5

Facebook Murderer Kills Himself After Police Pursuit: Here's What We're Reading Today

Plus: Is the internet ruining tattoos?

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London Attack Shut Down Parliament: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: How the 'Like' button ruined the internet.