The Surprising New Grooming Trend You Probably Need to Try

Logically, this is not something we should get behind. Being a man, even a well-groomed man, is about focusing on what’s important and eschewing that which is superfluous. Moisturizer, pomade, coffee bean-infused exfoliation scrub? All essential. But, little bottles of lightly fragrant water, even if it contains essential oils, to mist your face with? That’s just silly.

Only, it’s not. We’re as surprised as you are.

Get a few bottles of Happy Spritz (man, even that name!) and use them, whenever you want to. Aromatherapy won’t heal your soul, but it has been proven to help with stress. Mostly though, they’re damn refreshing, and they smell great: sandalwood, cedar, hints of citrus and… is that lavender? Subtle enough that it won’t overpower your signature fragrance, but powerful enough to make your clothes, room, and face more inviting.

The Scents

Woodsy. Lumber. Jack.


For your face and body. $25

Run. Sweat. Recover.


To invigorate after a workout. $25

Rugged. Gentleman.


For your linens. $25