Rachele Brooke Smith Likes It Hot

Transitioning from dancing to acting is no easy task. Sure, it’s happened before — Zoe Saldana, Penelope Cruz, Channing Tatum and Christopher Walken all made the leap — but it’s nevertheless a tricky transition to pull off.

Rachele Brooke Smith is making an earnest go of it, and has a pretty impressive career to show for it thus far. Dance-heavy background roles in projects like Iron Man 2, Glee and Burlesque eventually segued into parts with less booty-shaking in Entourage, Scream Queens and the forthcoming Shane Black crime flick The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. We’d call that a meteoric rise.

Luckily, we were able to get a hold of the dancer/actress/yoga enthusiast to play a quick round of “Would You Rather?”


Would you rather only ever dance or only ever act?

Oh wow, this game is already so hard! I would always only ever act, but I would still have to dance secretly alone in my room. As a career and profession, I would absolutely pick acting, but I’ll always be dancing.

Would you rather never eat a hot meal or never take a hot shower? 

Never eat hot food. No brainer. I need hot showers.


Would you rather master every musical instrument or every language?

Master every language. I’m obsessed with travel and if I could go anywhere in the world and be able to communicate with anyone and learn about their culture, that would be amazing. I’m all about Spanish right now. I’m not fluent yet, but it’s my newest goal.

Would you rather be stuck with an orange fake tan or huge 80s hair?

I’ll take the hair for sure! I love big hair and I really think I belong in the 80s so that works out for me.


Would you rather always have to wear a superhero cape or an eyepatch?

Superhero cape! I love superheros. My dream is to play a superhero character. My favourite would have to be Rogue from X-Men. I’d want her powers to absorb other people’s powers, but I hate that she almost kills anyone she touches! I’m a hugger, so that would be a problem for me. [Laughs.]

Would you rather randomly burst out singing or have to tell everyone you meet a spoiler about the show they’re watching?

Oh man, people hate spoilers. I’d sing all the time. I love singing and I love to make people laugh. Having to sing randomly would accomplish both. I’ve definitely sung in business meetings before.

Would you rather have to do yoga in unbearable heat or unbearable cold?

Heat! Always heat! I hate being cold. No matter how much you think yoga will warm you up, I’d rather already be sweating. Hot locales don’t even phase me.