Filson’s Rugged Suede Backpack Will Be the Garth to Your Wayne

You already know the deal with Filson, right? The outdoorsy Seattle-based outfitters who have been churning out classic, hardwearing American-made goodness for well over a century? Cool. We’re all up to speed, then.

What you probably don’t know is that Filson is about to change your life forever. Because the moment you introduce one of their brand spankin’ new suede backpacks to your daily routine, it’ll land a permanent spot at your side — the Oates to your Hall, the Garth to your Wayne.

Filson Suede Backpack

What’s so great about these bags? Let’s start with the materials. This isn’t the prissy kind of suede you need to worry about carrying outdoors, lest a droplet of rain or strong wind befall it. No, this is rugged, tough-as-iron, rough-out suede, that’ll endure almost anything and come out looking all the better for it. It’s trimmed with waterproof English bridle leather to complete the Indiana Jones-y, adventure-ready look.

Inside, you’ll find a handful of pockets and enough space to hold all that random junk you accumulate out there: a laptop, notebooks, some late-’80s hardcore 7-inches, a couple cans of beer, that stuffed animal you keep forgetting to give your niece. Whatever.

All of which is to say: this thing will make you look outrageously rad and keep you outrageously organized. Let it.

Images: Filson