You Need to See the Atrium in This Jaw-Dropping Modern Villa

If you read this column every week, you’re probably aware that we’re big fans of clean, minimalist, contemporary architecture. But sometimes, keeping things classic is the only way to go.


Located in Lucknow — the second largest metropolis in north central India — this expansive villa is a loving homage to classical Italian architecture. Except the designers at 42MM Architecture have updated the long-standing Tuscan Order with their own present-day flair.

Every arch, cornice, and ornamental detail have been meticulously presented — you’d think you were in Siena if you didn’t know any better.


The expansive main atrium, with its stunning accented skylight, will make you want to send your significant other a link to this page with a jaw-drop emoji attached.


The adjacent courtyard is filled with lush greenery and a brilliant stone pathway across a shallow stretch of water.

Down in the basement, you’ll find an elegant indoor pool equipped with an automated glass roof for an extra kick of sunshine.


The rest of the villa is drenched in luxurious materials, fabrics, and hand-painted Mediterranean tiles from floor to ceiling.

It is, quite simply, the perfect place to put your feet up and relax like a king.



Photography: Ravi Kanade