Could This Modern Quebec Wonder Be the Perfect Family Cottage?

Located in Sutton, Quebec — about an hour and a half from Montreal — the Rosenberg Residence sits on an expansive wooded lot. The design, led by Les Architectes FABG, fuses visual simplicity with structural ingenuity.

14-Rosenberry Residence
Structured like a jagged L-shape, the spaces are split into two rectangular wings attached at right angles to the main door and lobby in the centre.

05-Rosenberry Residence

This was done to minimize noise transmission between areas of the house, allowing for varied daily rhythms and living habits.

07-Rosenberry Residence

The interiors were kept clean and neutral, so that each element and texture speaks for itself.

10-Rosenberry Residence

The use of hardwood ceilings add an unusual depth and warmth to the rooms.

06-Rosenberry Residence

A swimming pool and lawn terrace help to fulfill the home’s requirements as a summer family cottage.

13-Rosenberry Residence

The hybrid structure of wood, steel, and concrete equipped with radiant heating keeps the residence warm during the Canadian winters.

02-Rosenberry Residence

From afar, this comforting home looks like a glowing countryside furnace, no matter the season.

11-Rosenberry Residence

04-Rosenberry Residence