This Never-Before-Seen 4K Drone Footage of Uluru Will Make You Say Whoa

Australia, the former penal colony, can be a pretty gnarly place, full of poisonous creatures and spiders the size of baseball mitts. And have you heard about that hole in the Ozone layer?

But for all that barren wasteland Outback, it can also be pretty awe-inspiring.

Take this: Here is never-before-seen footage of Uluru, that giant 600-million-year-old monolith in the middle of the Outback. It’s the first time a drone has ever been allowed to fly in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and the results are pretty incredible.

From LikeCool: “Uluru is the tip of a huge rock that continues below the ground for possibly 5-6km. Uluru is 3.6km long and 348m at its tallest point. That is 43m higher than Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower, 24m higher than the Eiffel Tower and just 33m lower than the Empire State Building. The colour changes of Uluru result from the filtering effect of the earth’s atmosphere on the sun’s rays.”