This Toronto Label Perfected the T-Shirt. Now They’re Coming for the Rest of Your Wardrobe, Too.

You guys all remember our pals KOTN, right? Quick refresher for those who don’t: the upstart Toronto label crafts some of the illest tees and crewneck sweatshirts in the game — soft as kittens, hardily constructed, perfectly tailored, reasonably priced — using only the finest, sustainably-sourced Egyptian cotton. And now, KOTN’s making more great stuff. Like, a lot more great stuff.


What kind of stuff, you ask? We’re talking long-sleeved henleys that’ll have you feeling like Drive-era Gosling, and top-notch polos for when you’re after more of a buttoned-up Paul Weller vibe.


They’ve straight up perfected the sweatsuit in a way we didn’t think possible: trim fit, ribbed cuffs, a jersey-lined hood, a slight drop-crotch and warm, cozy loopback terry cotton throughout. Somewhere, Rocky Balboa is losing his damn mind.


But the thing we’re most stoked about? KOTN now makes PJs. Crisp, comfortable, poplin cotton PJs. That’s on some king shit right there. That’s that reading-the-New-York-Times-on-Sunday-morningat-the-cottage-with-a-supermodel-type ish. Real men wear pyjamas, kids. Write that down.

Check out the full range over at KOTN’s site right now.

Images: Hannah Sider / KOTN