Mexico’s Olguin House Is a Geometric Wonder

A shock of stark white in a neighbourhood of pastel-hued homes, the Olguin House in Jalisco, Mexico was built to stand out.

With only 135 square metres of land to play with, the designers at Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos knew they had to get creative. That meant building up rather than out.


The home’s focal point is a grand staircase, which adds an extra dimension to the high-ceilinged living room.


Several of the space’s design aspects are based on traditional elements of a Mexican household. The roof detaches from the wall and allows an abundance of natural light to flow in around beautiful pops of colour.


The overwhelming brightness of the home is achieved through a white-on-white palette that extends to the surrounding brick wall on the edge of the property.


At night, the house stands out through indirect lighting, letting the sparkles of light hit the plants and then bounce into the white walls, making it appear as though they glow from within.


Photography: César Béjar