Russian Hackers Leak High-Profile US Athlete’s Medical Data: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. CRA to investigate BC real estate speculators

“On the weekend, the B.C. government urged the CRA to track down tax cheats and toughen up its rules after a Globe investigation showed a network of speculators flips homes for a profit and evades taxes by classifying them as principal residences even though they never lived there.”

2. Russian hackers just released medical files on Serena Williams and Simone Biles

“Hackers have published confidential medical data belonging to a handful of high-profile American athletes including Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

“WADA identified the hackers as a Russian group known as Fancy Bear, which published what are called therapeutic use exemptions, waivers that allow athletes to take banned substances on medical grounds.”

3. There is no island of trash in the Pacific

“But the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has always been less substantial than it sounds, less an island in the ocean than a big idea that floats around inside our heads. It’s a throwback to the time when environmental threats were made of solid things — empty bottles, fishing nets, nuclear waste, canisters of slime — that could be gathered up and buried or incinerated. Today’s pollution, both in the air and in the ocean, blows and flows around the planet in clouds of tiny particles, as garbage in a gaseous state. It’s hard enough to grasp, let alone to manage.”

4. Inside the booming business of podcasting

“Through its early history, podcasting seemed separated from the waves of change happening in other sectors of digital media. But today, it’s increasingly facing the same questions.”

+1: Adblock Plus now sells ads.

5. Is civilization bad for us?

“There’s something literally deadly about social isolation, the kind of individualism that typifies our modern society”

+1: When economic growth doesn’t make us happy.