This Mexican Abode Is a Little Slice of Heaven

The V House in Guadalajara, México is little like flying through a cloud. Everywhere you look — every corner, every surface —  is awash in white. It’s both an awe-inspiring work of modern minimalism and the absolute worst nightmare for any parents of toddlers who own crayons.

The uniform white of the exterior is broken up only by small details like the glossy wooden front door and lush greenery along the roofline. Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos continued that trend inside.

With three levels of space, the V House seems to go on forever. Thanks to the simple decor, there’s a sense of continuity that flows throughout every room and floor.


In addition to the welcome contrast of the plants, stairs, and doors, the wall-to-wall marble floors also help to keep the space from appearing too overwhelmingly stark.

Peering in on the hallways is a solitary tree that sits enclosed by a small pool of water. It’s visible through large windowpanes on the main two floors, but is left open up top to provide the house with natural light and ventilation.


Once you reach the rooftop patio, the feel of the home changes drastically. After three floors of constant white, the patio space’s burnt orange tiles and direct sunlight are instantly warm and inviting.



Photos: Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos