5 Essential Yoga Poses That’ll Get You Toned

Not only will yoga improve your flexibility, but it’s also a great way to tone and strengthen your body. We asked Amber Joliat, owner of Toronto’s MisfitStudio for Yoga and Pilates, which poses every man should know.

One Leg Plank

1-One Leg Plank

This pose requires a ton of abdominal strength as the body is working against gravity. Once in plank, lift one leg up a few inches off the ground.

Bonus Strength: Add a push-up to increase difficulty.



From plank, with elbows glued to sides, pointing back, slowly lower the entire body to hover above the floor.

Bonus Strength: Hold for thirty seconds, lift back to plank and repeat.

Wide Leg Squat

3-Wide Leg Squat

Open legs wider than shoulder distance apart, turn hips, knees and feet outwards all in the same alignment and deeply bend knees with arms reaching out to the sides. Hold for five long breaths, fold forward touching the floor with hands. Hold for five breaths. Slowly lift back up to squat.

Bonus Strength: Add 10 little squats in between lifting and lowering.

Seated Twist

4-Seated Twist

This pose is essential to increasing flexibility, mobility and core strength. While seated, extend one leg in front, crossing the foot of the other leg over to touch the floor by the extended knee. Rotate torso towards the bent knee, using one arm to help deepen the twist. Hold for five long breaths.


5- Lunge

With one leg deeply bent to 90 degrees, and the other a wide step back, lift arms above head, hold for five long breaths.

Bonus Strength: Lift off onto one leg, finding balance and carefully step back to lunge, repeat ten times.