5 Simple Office Hacks to Fix That Godawful Back of Yours

We like chairs because they’re comfortable. When someone says, “Take a load off,” we know exactly what they mean. But some chairs are meant for lounging, and others have a more refined purpose: keeping us upright and free from back pain. This is especially true of office chairs, where most of us spend the vast majority of our time. So, to get the most out of sitting down, make sure you’re following these steps.

Get a Good Chair

Ideally one that’s the right size for you, and that has lots of back and lumbar support.

Sit back. All the way back.

The reason your chair has a back support is to, um, support your back. It works.

Plant Your Feet

Both of them, flat on the floor. This will stabilize you and keep your body strong and upright.

Keep Your Limbs Relaxed

Arms out, elbows easy – you should feel comfortable at a keyboard, not rigid or restricted.

Stand Up Sometimes

Sitting too much, as we know, if bad for us, even if it’s necessary. Breaks are key to good back health.