Guy Accidentally Skis off 150-Foot Cliff, Survives Unscathed

This isn’t quite the same as triggering your own avalanche, but damn, this is still crazy. Skier Devin Stratton took a wrong turn in the pow last week and wound up falling off a 150-foot cliff. Don’t worry, though: he escaped the fall completely unscathed. And, because this is 2017, Stratton was filming the entire thing. You can see him follow another skier’s tracks toward what he thinks is a jump, and then, yeah, whoosh.

Stratton lands on his back, impossibly lucky to avoid a boulder at the foot the cliff.

“My head hurts a little, and my ribs on the back… but I think I’m good,” he says into the camera, a wry smile across his face. Yeah, I’ll say.

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Here’s an extended version in 1080p.

Stratton’s momentum is slowed as he hits a small mound right before the cliff. If he manages to ski, uhm, straight off the cliff, I bet he’s probably able to land the jump no problem — assuming a certain level of skiiing here. But yeah, crazy.

H/T: Laughing Squid