Idris Elba Gets Dating Advice From Kids

It’s a cold world out there, fam. Toronto had less than 50 hours of actual sunlight last month. Valentine’s is approaching. If you’re single, the biological and societal pressure to couple is perhaps at its strongest point all year. If you’re settled down, the stress of nailing that big day can be excruciating. So yeah, we’re all struggling out there right now. Even, it seems, Idris Elba.

Here he is seeking out Valentine’s Day advice from a pretty reliable source: school kids.

He asks the vital questions: Should you be a good guy or a bad boy? What should you eat on your date? How do you tell someone you like them? And the kids give their aw-shucks, honest-to-goodness best answers back – for the love of God, do not eat beans on your date.

The best advice? “It’s not about you, it’s about the girl.”

The video is a part of an Omaze charity campaign Elba’s participating in right now. Make a donation to help send girls in Africa to school, and you’ll be entered to win a date with Elba later this month, which yeah, sure. Sign us up.