Everyone Is Burying the Lede of This Eugenie Bouchard Super Bowl Date Story

If you’ve been on the internet today, you’ve probably already heard: Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard will be going on a date with a total stranger from Twitter, because she bet on Atlanta winning the Super Bowl just before the Falcons’ historic collapse.¬†In the unlikely event you haven’t already seen these, here’s the incriminating exchange:

At least Bouchard is a woman of her word. We respect that.

But, as much as the media has made about her date night, they’ve largely overlooked the fact that, earlier today, she tweeted this photo…

…thus revealing that Eugenie Bouchard straight chills at home in a crewneck friggin’¬†Space Jam sweatshirt and doesn’t even feel the need to reference it in the caption. Like it’s nothing. Like it’s just what she wears on a regular day.

If the exuberant fanboys of social media were all in a tizzy¬†over her accepting some rando’s date request, what does she think will happen when she offers proof that she casually hangs out in¬†merchandise from every ’90s kid’s favourite¬†cult classic? How did Twitter not physically explode? Maybe all the dudes who saw this photo immediately dropped their phones and hopped on the earliest available flight to Miami (where she lives) to ask how she feels about that possible remake starring LeBron.

At this point, all we can say definitively is that @puntslayintwoods is one lucky bastard.