Here’s How to Give an Unforgettable Back Massage

The advantages to being able to give a good massage are obvious. The disadvantages? Well, worst case scenario you might be forced into becoming her personal masseuse. We sussed out Toronto Four Seasons spa director and massage therapist Carlos Calvo Rodriguez to find out how to give her a massage to remember.

1. First, you need to find a comfortable position for both the person receiving the massage and yourself. A bed will be your best option, but just remember why you’re there.

2. The most crucial tool for giving a good massage is a great body oil. Natural oils such as avocado oil or grape seed oil work best. Avoid body lotions as they tend to dry up quickly.

3. Heat the oil by rubbing it in your hands and begin with slow, gentle strokes to warm up the muscles. The most basic technique is called “effleurage,” which means to give long, slow strokes. Keep this in mind and use it to transition between other techniques like kneading and vibration (aka, karate chops).

4. Spend extra time on pressure points like the upper back and shoulders, using your thumbs to knead the muscles. For extra points massage the feet, hands and skull, which hold extra heat and contain many nerves, which allow for a great release of tension.

5. For a little ambiance, play some soft background music—Frank (Ocean or Sinatra) will work nicely. Lastly, follow your instincts and remember that the experience should be relaxing for the both of you.