Lady Gaga and Metallica Are Playing Together at the Grammys, and Nothing Else Matters

The surprising staying power of the Internet (who knew?) has meant the death of appointment television. This means that the few television events that manage to bring mass audiences together in front of their TV (and tablet and computer) screens are prime opportunities, not just for networks and advertisers, but for performers, too. This new reality can create strange bedfellows. For instance: any time AC/DC doesn’t play a Super Bowl halftime show.

And speaking of the Super Bowl: coming off her glorious performance there, it’s been announced that Lady Gaga will be performing at the Grammys with Metallica. On the surface, this seems like a strange pairing, but it actually makes sense — and not just in corporate synergy-anything-to-reach-new-fans kind of way. After all, both Gaga and Metallica had songs with the word “Monster” in them. So…there’s that.

And while mostly this is just another sign that the barriers between genres has become meaningless in a world where albums are far less important than playlists, this news also provides a chance to recommend possibly the best new song to work out to:

If Metallica isn’t your thing — which, frankly, doesn’t make any sense, because dude — just try to listen to the riff that starts at the 4:20 (ha) mark and not picture yourself in some training montage from a 1989 action movie. It’s music that makes your elliptical work out feel like an epic arcade game.

Hopefully when they play with Lady Gaga audiences will be distracted enough with her they won’t realize how old Lars is looking these days.