This Ultralight Breitling Chronograph Just Got a Handy New Upgrade

Last spring, the aeronautically-inclined watchmakers at Breitling delivered the Avenger Hurricane, a rugged 50mm chronograph built from Breitlight — a proprietary material that’s 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, but harder and sturdier than both. It was a bold, hardwearing showstopper — as is Breitling’s wont — but its 24-hour military-style display made it maybe the tiniest bit impractical for the average civilian.

That’s why Breitling just announced the Avenger Hurricane 12H. Same badass looks, same impenetrable build, same Swiss precision, but with a more conventional 12-hour face.


Also unchanged on this tough nutter: water resistance up to 100m; a 70-hour power reserve; a military textile strap that’s equal parts comfortable and enduring; and black-and-yellow colour combinations that call to mind Bruce Lee in Game of Death.

It’s a watch you can wear into the most extreme conditions imaginable, and — now that it’s easier to read, especially — you’ll never once have to give it a second thought.