Trudeau Will Meet Trump in D.C. Next Week: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Justin Trudeau will meet Donald Trump for the first time next week in Washington D.C.

“The short notice is unusual for a trip of this magnitude, and comes after the ministers of foreign affairs, defense, and finance all made the same trek to meet with their counterparts in the last week.

“Trudeau’s visit, which is not an official state trip, will be brief. He takes off to Europe on Wednesday to meet with European Union officials and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — in part, to finalize details of a massive Canada-Europe free trade agreement, but, perhaps more importantly, to strike a unified front in the face of Trump’s skepticism to globalisation, hostility to trade, and suspicion of refugees.”

Vice News

+1: Sarah Palin for ambassador to Canada? – Toronto Star

2. White House says Conway has been ‘counseled’ after touting Ivanka Trump’s products

“President Trump’s official counselor, Kellyanne Conway, was “counseled” after she told TV audiences to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” the White House said Thursday.

“Legal experts said Conway had broken a key ethics law banning federal employees from using their public office to endorse products. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that Conway “has been counseled,” but offered no other comment.”

Washington Post

+1: Nordstrom added $445 million (USD) after Trump’s tweets. – Bloomberg

3. Shinzo Abe is asking Japanese companies for a ‘tweetable’ number on US investment to give Donald Trump

“Donald Trump is infamous for being someone you can “bait with a tweet.” But can you charm with a tweet? Shinzo Abe is about to find out. The Japanese prime minister wants a “tweetable” figure of planned investment in the US for when he and Trump hit the links at Mar-a-Lago on Friday.”


+1: Corporate America’s political gray zone is disappearing. – BuzzFeed News

4. Facebook has hired an MTV executive to create original content

“As Facebook closes in on 2 billion monthly users, it has been working to monetize its content and keep its users engaged with the site. Having its own dedicated programming would allow the company to sell ad space in a new area.”

The Verge

+1: Miranda Kerr, who’s engaged to Snapchat’s CEO, asks why Facebook has to ‘steal’ his ideas – Business Insider

5. Does an octopus have an inner life?

“For scientists investigating the human mind, deep-sea animals may hold the key.”

New Republic