Air Jordan Now Makes Golf Shoes That Look Like Basketball Shoes

Remember that Killers single “Somebody Told Me”? You know, the one with the chorus that’s all, Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year… Yeah, that one. Decent tune. Why do I bring up a 13-year-old radio rock song, you ask? Because I was reminded of its premise when I saw these new shoes from Air Jordan, which are golf shoes that look like basketball shoes that Michael Jordan had in 1984.


The newly-released Air Jordan 1 Golf is exactly what it sounds like: a fairway-optimized version of arguably the most iconic sneaker of all time. They’ve got waterproof leather and textile uppers for those games when you get caught out in the rain, comfortable cushioned midsoles, and six spikes on the outsoles to give you firm traction on the course. Hopefully, though, they’ll help you play more like some of Nike’s actual golfers than MJ himself.


Images: Nike