8 Perfect Striped Tees to Buy Right Now

Sharp’s digital team consists of three people: myself, the indomitably witty Bianca Teixeira, and certifiable child genius Colin Rabyniuk. We call ourselves the Web Squad, and we have the jackets to prove it. (No, seriously, we actually do.) Much like Dom Toretto and his crew, we’re more than just colleagues: we’re family. And, like all families, we’re sometimes prone to disagreements.

One such disagreement? Colin’s outright refusal to purchase a striped tee. There have been, at minimum, a half-dozen occasions upon which Bianca and I arrive at the office in the morning and guffaw over our matching navy-and-white striped shirts. And then we turn to Colin, who is probably wearing a plain black zip-up hoodie, and are instantly disappointed. Doesn’t he want to join in on the irrefutable hilarity of identical team outfits? Does he even care about us anymore? Ugh.

So, yes, I wrote this article mostly to shame Colin into buying a striped T-shirt. But you should buy one, too, because they are instantly flattering and endlessly versatile, the ideal complement to everything from that trill new pair of camo shorts you just copped to the exquisitely tailored linen suit you’ll be rocking at a bunch of weddings this summer. Here are eight to consider right now.

Buck Mason


As classic as it gets — a staple beloved by art school kids and rock-and-rollers and, um, mimes the world over.

buckmason.com, $42



The extended shirt-tail — inspired by Lacoste’s tennis heritage — and tonal alligator embroidery give this breezy, blueish-grey number a vintage athletic appeal.

lacoste.com, $125



Like your clothing to double as a conversation starter? Look no further than this Burberry joint, which has been handsomely fancied up with a lace appliqué on the pocket.

burberry.com, $500

Saint James


Respect your OGs. Saint James has been churning out top-quality breton striped shirts since the late 19th century, and they’ve updated their iconic Meridien model in a 2017-ready caramel tone.

saint-james.com, $95



Woven in Italy from a lightweight cotton-linen blend, you’ll find yourself reaching for this beautifully textured tee on the stickiest of summer days.

noahny.com, $168

Levi’s Vintage Clothing


Who said stripes had to run horizontally? This baseball-inspired beaut is proof to the contrary.

shoplostfound.com, $125



You can’t go wrong with a timeless navy-and-white combo, but you can make it better by adding a pair of Comme des Garçons PLAY’s heart logos to the mix.

nordstrom.com, $136

Only NY


Remember those skate videos you used to watch back in the ’90s? So do the designers at cult streetwear brand Only NY, apparently.

onlyny.com, $44