Manchester in Shock After Blast Strikes Ariana Grande Concert

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Manchester in shock as families search desperately for missing victims

“Ariana Grande had just taken her final bow, the house lights had come up and 18,000 concert-goers were filing cheerfully towards the doors when the excitable hubbub inside Manchester Arena was suddenly shattered.

“For a split second there was silence. Then the screams began. ‘Oh my God,’ said one woman, who was filming at the moment the piped music was punctured by the blast. ‘What’s going on? What just happened?'”

The Guardian

+1: Manchester bombing suspect identified; Islamic State claims responsibility – Washington Post

+1: Don’t let ISIS shape the news – BuzzFeed News

+1: From Beisan Zubi: A love letter to the strength of young women – Ottawa Citizen

2. Russia’s contact with Trump team worried ex-CIA chief

“In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, former C.I.A. director Jim Brennan described a nerve-fraying few months as American authorities realized that the election was under attack and worried that Mr. Trump’s campaign might be aiding that fight.

“His remarks were the fullest public account to date of the origins of an F.B.I. investigation that continues to shadow the Trump administration.”

New York Times

+1: Trump ask the DNI and NSA to deny Russia collusion – Reuters

3. Obsession with home ownership driving Toronto affordability crisis

A new report says that half of Toronto-area residents are overhoused, with 2.2 million empty bedrooms.  “But it would take only about 350,000 bedrooms to appropriately house the 20 per cent of Toronto residents, most of them families, who are shelter-poor.”

Right now there 400,000 homes in Ontario that have three or more empty bedrooms.

– Toronto Star

4. Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law in southern island of Phillipines

“Deadly clashes erupted between government troops and Islamist militants Tuesday in the southern city of Marawi, prompting Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to declare martial law there and the rest of the island of Mindanao, the state-run Philippines News Agency reported.”


5. Uber shortchanged New York City drivers by millions of dollars

Uber said today that it mistakenly underpaid New York City drivers for the past 2½ years, an error that will likely cost it tens of millions of dollars. It is the second time in three months the ride-hailing company has acknowledged it deprived workers of their proper earnings.”

Wall Street Journal