Cervélo’s P5X is the Bugatti Chiron of Triathlon Bikes

Triathletes are fussy about their bikes. It’s the one major appliance in a sport otherwise determined by sheer physical fitness and stamina — and if you ask them, nothing is ever quite right.

Cervélo, the Toronto-based company that makes some of the best performance bikes in the world, has finally designed a bike specifically for the needs of high-level triathletes. They did it by observing thousands of riders in races around the world, noting their favourite positions, where they liked to stash water, food, and extra gear, and even how they packed the thing up to take on a flight.


Then they crafted a bike that’s almost infinitely customizable, supremely aerodynamic, and, above all else, ridiculously fast. It’s a triathlete’s dream bike. And it means you’ll never have anything but yourself to blame for your finish on race day.