What A Nevada Weed Shortage Means for Canada: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Nevada’s weed shortage emergency is freaking out Canada

“As Canada prepares to roll out what’s expected to be the world’s largest legal cannabis market next summer, industry insiders are looking to Nevada as a cautionary tale.

“Canada needs an estimated several hundred licensed cannabis producers to meet the expected demand from both Canadians and international weed tourists, according to industry players. But, to date, Canada has just 51. Currently, 428 cannabis companies in Canada are waiting for the government to approve their applications for licenses to produce, and hundreds more have been rejected.”

Vice News

+1: Canadian dollar soars on ‘panic rally’ as Bank of Canada hikes interest rate – Toronto Star

2. If net neutrality gets struck down, we’re going to be seeing this more often

“This morning you may have seen the same icon promoted by Facebook, Netflix, Google and Twitter as part of the net neutrality day of action: a spinning wheel that is the universal symbol for waiting for content to load on the internet.

“Net neutrality, the concept that internet service providers can’t prioritize a specific website or service, has a fundamentally boring name — but the new symbol could help solve its branding problem. Today in protest of the Federal Communication Commission’s intent to roll back net neutrality, activists have adopted the loading icon, something that is instantly recognizable and instantly loathed, to raise awareness of the consequences of rescinding Obama-era net neutrality protections.”

The Outline

+1: The internet is fucked (again) – The Verge

3. Rancor in West Wing over Russia reports

“The disclosure of the emails left the White House again on the defensive as tension inside the president’s orbit has grown. Mr. Trump is exasperated and, at the urging of advisers, he said nothing publicly in defense of his son until Tuesday, when he issued a one-sentence statement.”

New York Times

+1: The blackmail factor: Trumpworld’s Russia lies are a major risk to national security – Vox

4. EU says Brexit talks could fail after Johnson’s ‘go whistle’ remarks

“The European Union has said the Brexit talks could be derailed by an escalating fight over money as it fired back at Boris Johnson for telling the EU leaders to ‘go whistle’ if they expected Britain to pay a divorce bill for withdrawing from the bloc.”

The Guardian

5. The Calibri font is threatening to bring down Pakistan’s government

“On Monday, Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team published its report into Maryam Nawaz’s holdings and made a startling revelation: Nawaz did disclose her ties to the firm, called Nielsen and Nescoll Ltd.

“There was only one problem. According to local reports, the probe found that Nawaz’s 2006 declaration regarding the firm was typed in Calibri – a font that was only made publicly available in 2007, raising suspicions that the documents were forged.”