Louis Vuitton’s First Smartwatch Is as Extravagant as You’d Expect

With their commanding expertise in handcrafted luggage, it’s safe to say Louis Vuitton has a pretty good understanding of just how far around the globe 365 days can take us. Bridging the gap between technology and fashion comes the luxury brand’s Tambour Horizon smartwatch — an innovative timepiece that not only accommodates the world of a traveler, but also yields infinite personalization for the wearer.

Harnessing Android Wear 2.0’s smartwatch technology, the Tambour Horizon offers a multitude of customizable watch faces — right down to a customizable monogram — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Tambour incorporates a multifaceted interface, combining all the frequently utilized applications of a traveler into a 42 mm diameter timepiece. The first of its kind, the “My Flight” application notifies departing travelers of flight delays, flight time, terminal information, and even displays the hours until your departing flight touches ground. Working closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies, this luxury smartwatch encompasses an advanced geolocation function, providing travelers with the closest nearby restaurants, hotels, historical landmarks, and tourist attractions before you even pick up your luggage.

Tambour Horizon

So this is just for jetsetters, you say? Not quite. Louis Vuitton has done extensive research in order to pack this statement accessory with enough utility to seriously rival the Apple Watch. Primary functions include: phone call notifications, text messages, emails, alarm, countdown timer, weather reports, step counter, and just about anything you could possibly need at the convenience of your wrist.

Currently, the only way to get your hands on the Tambour Horizon in Canada is at the Louis Vuitton store on Bloor Street West in Toronto. It comes in three case styles — grey, black, and brown — as well as 60 sets of detachable straps (30 for men, 30 for women). The grey and brown version costs $3,150, while the black is $3,850. Expensive by smartwatch standards, reasonable by LV standards.