There’s a Star Wars/Arrested Development Mash-Up, and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Now the story of the wealthy movie studio that lost everything, and the one director who had no choice but to try and keep it all together.

Yes, while Ron Howard’s been doing his best Michael Bluth impression on the set of the flagging Han Solo spin-off, those lovable nerds at Nerdist have put together this: Star Wars as narrated by Ron Howard’s Arrested Development narrator clips.

It feels a little janky the way it all runs together back to back, but I suppose that’s the only way to really pull this off.

From SlashFilm:

Though plenty of the jokes are what you’d expect, such as the constant contradiction the voiceover supplies to what’s being said or done on the show, there is some surprisingly clever use of voiceover from the show that fits in line perfectly with Star Wars.

H/T: SlashFilm